Mobile – Using ROI (Region of Interest) Tool

In this section, you will learn how to use elliptical ROI (Region of Interest) tool.

Step 1: On patient order page, all patient orders at your account will be displayed. Click on the order you want to view the images. “View” page will be opened. Click on “Tools” icon on the lower side of the page.

After you have clicked, tools section will be opened. In “Annotations” field, click on “Elliptical ROI” icon on the upper side of the section.

Step 3: When you click on the icon, it will turn into blue color. Click on the starting point of the ROI you want to select and click again to the end point. Until your second click, the ROI will appear in blue color. After you click on the end point, the elliptical region of interest will be displayed in yellow. You will see the mean, maximum and minimum measurements next to the end point.

If you need, you can create and measure as much ROI as you want on the view.

Step 4: In order to move the ROI, click again to ROI icon to exit from the function, click on the point in the middle of the ROI and drag it to the direction you want.

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