Use case – Hospitals

Use PostDicom as your PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solution and get ready for cloud age. Upload DICOM images and clinical documents to PostDICOM servers. View them with easy to use and fast HTML5 DICOM viewer on any client machine (desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and phones). Do not download all patient data to your client machine, stream only what you need. When you finished viewing close your Internet Browser. No patient data is left on client machine thanks to our zero foot print HTML5 DICOM viewer. Share them with doctors, medical groups and patients.

Key features of our cloud software are:

  • Save and view your data securely
  • Do not invest on premise hardware
  • Lower your IT maintenance costs
  • Have an easy to use fast HTML5 DICOM viewer
  • Do not save patient data on client machines with zero foot print HTML5 DICOM viewer
  • Upload patient images and clinical documents to cloud
  • View from desktop PCs, tablets and phones
  • Easily share with doctors, medical groups or patients

Hospitals can also setup postDICOM PACS Server and send DICOM images from their equipments to postDICOM Cloud. For detailed information read Manage Institution Settings article.

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