Mobile – Moving Patient Images and Documents to Recycle Bin

In this section, you will learn how to move patient images and documents to recycle bin.

Step 1: On patient search page, you will see all patient studies at your account . In order to view editing options, tap on the study and slide to the left. You will see 4 icons namely as display image, add document, select folder and delete respectively. For moving patient orders to recycle bin, click on delete icon.

Step 2: After clicking on the icon, a Message Box will be shown to confirm you to move the patient order to Recycle Bin. Click on “Yes” to confirm that you want to move the order to recycle bin. If you don’t want to move it to recycle bin, click on “No”.

Step 3: Once you have clicked to “Yes”, selected order will be moved to recycle bin and the remaining orders will be shown in patient order page.

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